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(This was an article I wrote in April 2nd, 2010 and sent to the Nokia Executive Board – Times have changed and, as the saying goes, “The Rest is History”)

Today, we face what might be seen one day as the biggest and sharpest crisis in Nokia’s history: we’re being attacked on all fronts – being a big market leader, as a friend put it, sucks: you are usually attacked at high-end, middle-range and low-end at the same time – you have to fight battles on many fronts and nobody in human history ever won many battles at the same time. If Nokia cannot find a niche, however big it might be, it is condemned to either shrink significantly, become a supplier for other mobile phone companies or … something even worse.

But how could this have happened? What are the reasons and what might be the remedy?

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Thank God he is gone… well, he is going. 

The problem with Steve Ballmer was or is that he never was a product guy. Steve Jobs said so, as mentioned in in his authorized biography. The reason, I am pretty sure, why Microsoft declined lies directly with the fact that Ballmer was not a product guy. He put revenues and profits before good or excellent products. He sacrificed long-term growth and long-term revenues for short-term profits. And the stock market, showing for the first time some intelligence, reacted with stable or declining share prices.

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Der Entwurf eines Gesetzes zur Bekämpfung der Kinderpornographie in Kommunikationsnetzen ist in der ersten Lesung am 6. Mai 2009 durch den Bundestag gegangen. Etwas derart populistisches, hirnloses, ineffektives und am Problem vorbei geplantes Gesetz habe ich mein Lebtag noch nicht gesehen in Deutschland. Statt Kinderpornographie im Internet (das es sicherlich gibt) zu bekämpfen, sorgt Frau von der Leyen (auch genannt “Zensursula”) dafür, dass wir alle wegschauen – Volk wie auch dessen Vertreter.

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Well, yesterday was the day … the day to set them free. More or less…

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The ducklings are growing – and how they grow…. below are some pictures from about ten days ago.

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