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Imdat Solak
Imdat Solak

Imdat Solak was born in Central Turkey in a small village in 1969. In hindsight, being born in such a dirt poor environment and country in a time of turmoil seems godsend: this way he had an opportunity to experience good and bad management first-hand – whether it be in for-profit or not-for-profit organizations.

Imdat experienced the growth of Turkish society from the stage of a developing to emerging to near-developed country first-hand. This shaped his overall view of the importance of free markets.

In 1979, he moved to Western Germany (West Berlin) and lived most of his time in Germany, experiencing, again, the German unification first-hand. In 2009, he moved to New York City to work for Nokia as Vice President of Nokia’s AppStore. In 2015, Imdat permanently moved to the wonderful city of Munich, Bavaria (Germany).

Starting his career as a software engineer, Imdat continued a long journey to become an effective manager in software and digital media.

During his career he managed teams from five people to over 500 people in his organizations. Having seen good management as well as extremely negative examples of management, he created a feeling for observing managers as well as himself over the period of nearly three decades.

He has a keen interest in why people do what they do, how it can be done more effectively and what drives people to do certain things better than others.

With a scientific approach, i.e. trying to understand and replicating what is being done well, he relentlessly looks for best practices in everything – from everyday tasks to managing large scale organizations.

Imdat today lives in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and spends most of his time traveling and interviewing managers around the world to understand specific changes in management, companies, society and politics – unless he works for another company either as manager, consultant or coach.

On technical topics, he concentrates on the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Cybersecurity. Next to management topics, he also works as consultant in the AI/ML and Cybersecurity area for various companies, organizations and people.

In 2017 he co-founded Munich Artificial Intelligence Laboratories as a consultancy specifically offering consulting services in practical application of AI/ML.

He not only looks at the practical application of technologies but also at their impact on society, people and economy as a whole.

Imdat is a regular guest speaker at various events regarding innovation, change, sustainability, management, media and more. Here is a select list of events he attended or attends as guest speaker:

You can find Imdat’s profile on LinkedIn.

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